Pampering you – life changes

When I started thinking about this week’s blog post, I got quite frustrated because I didn’t really know what to talk about. I have spent half my week in bed and the other half solely thinking about how long is left until I can get back into bed. That said, there are a few things that I have done to try to perk myself up.


Take a long bath – maybe get fancy by adding some bubbles

This will help the muscles to relax and the steam will also be good to loosen the airways (or so I’ve been told). Maybe light some candles for a spa-like atmosphere. It is also good to have ‘you’ time and unwind, especially as life can be so busy and it is hard to remember to let your body rest.

Do a full skincare routine

Although this is the last thing that you want to do when you are ill, when I do this it make me feel clean and refreshed, and for a while takes away that horrible grogginess that sadly comes hand in hand with being ill. Perhaps while taking the bath put a face mask on, one that is hydrating and glowing so that when you look in the mirror you appear a little less rubbish than you feel.

Drink plenty of water

Self-explanitary really – as well as hydrating your face hydrate your body to flush out whatever you have going on in your system. Lemsip and coffee are great but water takes the gold star!

Get your favourite food…and relax!

Whether you are ill and still have to go to work or you are at home, take the advantage of taking the day to lay in bed; sleep when you want to sleep and gather your favourite food with your laptop at hand to watch your favourite film/program.

Despite whether we want to or not, our bodies just sometimes need some rest and the only way it can tell you that is by getting sick. Whether this is stress, a virus or something more; the only way to get better is to look after number one and take some time out to pamper and reset.

Take care, H xx

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