Learning to deal with ups and downs – life changes


This week has been particularly testing and a severe lack of sleep has resulted in low mood, no energy, a lot of tears and now a chest infection.

Nobody is going to have a great time every day of their life despite what pops up on your Instagram feed; even one day can have plenty of highs and lows. Recognising that things aren’t so great is the most important because then you can make steps to stop yourself from spiralling into meltdown.

If it is a situation that is getting you down walk away and take 5 minutes to calm down and think about it objectively because there is nothing worse than saying or doing something in the heat of the moment and regretting it instantly.

Moving around is so important. Try to distract yourself from the negative thoughts swamping you and put in some headphones with your favourite song and dance around the room. Go for a walk or run somewhere different; the fresh air will help make you open up and breathe deeply and there will be sights that you haven’t seen before which might take you mind away even if just for a short time.

In all the above, it is about thinking outside of your emotions to find out why you are really acting that way or have the thoughts you do. It is not always easy to nail it down to one situation but making a conscious effort to try will help you to avoid the sinkholes of a down point.

When you have an up, ride the wave and try to focus solely on the moment you are in because you won’t ever get that moment back and it will be really special to look back on in the future or be an aid to getting you out of a negative state.

If you are planning events or trips that you are looking forward to, try to spread them out so you don’t get down when one is over because you will have the next to look forward to.

It is so easy to get into a rut of negativity and have excessive cycles but by taking the time to be more conscious of yourself and your feelings then you can work to a point that the ups are great and the downs aren’t quite as low. Always remember that at some point, there will always something you feel could have gone better but the key is not to dwell too much on the negativity in that situation and focus more finding the whys and hows and improving the next situation.

Life is a journey for everyone and just because it appears that a person is having a great time, it doesn’t mean they are on the inside. Not everyone is ready to share their experiences but it doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

You will never stop learning about you and you will never be without you so looking after you is the most important thing to be able to care for others and get on with the goals you set to achieve.


Thanks for reading, H xx


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