Huge Boots (Drugstore) Haul!!

The time has come when I went a little bit crazy in Boots and I thought to myself, why not show the lovely readers of my blog. There are some products in this haul that I have tried since purchasing but all were new products for me to play around with. Note, this is going to be quite a long one so sit back, make yourself a cuppa and enjoy the read, hopefully you find something that think you would like to try if you haven’t already.

Image 8


Westlab – Dead Sea Salt:

Image 7.png

There is a definite trend with bath salts at the moment, namely Epsom salts, when it comes to weight loss. I, on the other hand, purchased Dead Sea salt because (TMI) I get super itchy legs and hoped this would be a nice relief. I was actually pleasantly surprised – I popped 100g in the bath of hot water and chilled for 20 minutes, as instructed. I don’t often switch off but I felt like I was in a spa, having 20 minutes of peace and me time without over strong scents that other bath products seem to have.  I can’t wait for my next bath!

Garnier – Skinactive Purifying Gel Wash with green tea leaves:

Image 3.png

This is a new face wash by Garnier which I have used twice since purchasing and I again was taken by suprise. I use one pump, rub it through my hands the apply to a wet face before rinsing with warm water and a splash of cold to close those dreaded pores. Again, this product wasn’t overly scented which I quite like in a face wash. My face doesn’t feel stripped and I would go as far as to say that my skin looks brighter and refreshed. Definitely a product worth trying and it’s on sale in Boots at the moment, so an even better time to try.

Boots Essentials – Face Wash, Eye Gel and Eye Make-up Remover Pads:

Image 4

These were definitely a YouTube made me buy it; plus they were 3 for £3 so even if they aren’t used so often, it is nice to have a back up in the cupboard. All three products come in a cucumber and unscented version – I got the unscented face wash and the cucumber in the eye products. So far, I have tried the eye gel which is nice to apply but I think would be more refreshing had I put it in the fridge first. I think I will probably be using this a lot in the summer months or if I am overly tired, when it is nice to have the cooling sensation to wake me up.

Dove – Regenerate Nourishment hair mask:


I have been looking for a good hair mask for quite a while as my hair seems to be incredibly dry at the moment so I saw this on sale and grabbed it. I used this while having my dead sea salt bath as they both take around the same time. It was nice to do a hair mask however my hair doesn’t feel any different after use; so I am hoping that the results come from continued use. Perhaps I will do a little update blog once I have finished the product. Hopefully by then I will have silky, glossy, beautiful hair. (The pesimist in me doubts that though.)

Batiste – Bare Dry Shampoo:

Image 6

This is just a classic, everyone needs a bit of dry shampoo occasionally whether it be a quick second day hair refresh or a panicked I don’t have time to wash my hair – it is a staple! I usually would go for the CoLab dry shampoo but this was the product on sale so I thought I would try a scent that I haven’t had before – due to having blonde hair I thought natural and light was the one for me.

TRESemmé – Runway Collection – Get Sleek Perfect & Polish:

Image 5

This is a new product from TRESemmé and as per the common theme it was on sale. I needed a new heat protection spray so I picked this one up. I have used other heat protection sprays from the brand in the past so I am sure that this one will do the job just well but if my hair gets frazzled we will know why!

Sally Hansen – Complete Salon Manicure in the shade Commander in Chic:

Image 2

I have to admit this was a bit of an impulse purchase but nevertheless I blooming love it! It is the perfect neutral grey tone even though it looks slightly more brown toned through the camera. I used this as soon as I purchased and being one that ususally chips her nails just after painting them, this is holding up pretty well. It is also super glossy with my Seche Vite dry fast top coat.

  • The most expensive nail varnish I have ever purchased: YES
  • Worth the money: ABSOLUTELY!

So there we have it, my recent Boots haul. Well done if you made it all the way to the end – as you can see I went a tad crazy but in my defence, most products were on offer so I think I saved about £12 in the end, winning!

In the comments, let me know if you have any recent discoveries that you think are worth shouting about and that I should try next time I am in Boots.

Bye for now…

H xxx


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