My favourite things about Saturday

Ok, so despite my mighty claims, I haven’t blogged for months but it’s not that I haven’t had the desire, I just lost motivation to do anything in life.

I have been the worst daughter, the worst girlfriend and an even worse friend. The thought of socialising scares me and I would rather be curled up on the sofa with a glorious cup of tea (Tetley’s peach and passionfruit green tea is my fave!).

I have been having stomach pain for ages and after having almost a week off work, in pain, I have decided that I need to focus my attention on something else. Hopefully this will be the welcome distraction that I crave. So, I thought I would kick the blog back off with a few things I love about Saturdays.

  1. Time to breath – there is no rush to be anywhere or do anything, no meals preps no setting alarms, no routine!
  2. Cleaning the flat – my boyfriend always sleeps in later than I do so it gives me a great opportunity to clean the house and have a cuppa in pure clean and tidy bliss.
  3. Getting ready properly – long showers and the chance to actually do something with my hair. I don’t know about you but during the week I constantly feel like I am rushing around and if I wash my hair I don’t really get chance do do much with it apart from put it in a trust bun – Auntie Mable style! (anyone remember that show?)
  4. Putting on a face of make-up – most people do this everyday and I wish I did too but my skin has been so bad for the past few months that I just felt worst about myself trying to cover up the spots and blemishes. Now I have a new skincare regime that seems to be working (blog post to come), I feel like making myself feel good everyday will soon be a thing again!

    I wish I looked like that again…
  5. Morning snuggles – They are the best!
  6. I love going for a walk by the Thames and through the parks or markets nearby – preferably with a Mousetail coffee in hand. If you are in London and haven’t checked out Mousetail you need to their coffee is life-changing. 10/10 every time for coffee, service and even the music choices. You’ll definitely walk away perkier.

    A moody looking London.
  7. On a summer Saturday – chilling in a park with prosecco, nibbles and a good book.


Seven is a bit of a weird number to leave this on but hey ho there you go!

For anyone reading this, let me know in the comments what you enjoy doing on a Saturday perhaps it will add a few more things to my list.

Ciao for now!

H xxx

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