Huge Boots (Drugstore) Haul!!

The time has come when I went a little bit crazy in Boots and I thought to myself, why not show the lovely readers of my blog. There are some products in this haul that I have tried since purchasing but all were new products for me to play around with. Note, this is going …

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Beauty Review: La Roche-Posay

Back to the beauty! I was lucky enough to have received the La Roche-Posay Effaclar 3 step set for Christmas and was so excited to get trying it because I have wanted to for so long. I thought that these products were going to be the miracle cure that would banish those pesky lingering spots …

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Anxiety isn’t a trend

I have suffered with anxiety for many years, since I was 16/17, and for a lot of that time in silence. As a result I have miss many an opportunity and let a lot of people down, to which I wholeheartedly regret to this day and probably always will. I took the decision back in …

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Drugstore Haircare Staple Products

If there is anything I dislike more it's dry unmanageable hair, especially now that mine has grown quite long. Therefore, I thought I would share a few of my hair care staples. These are all products that I have used regularly for the past few years and have helped to transform my colour damaged dry …

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My favourite things about Saturday

Ok, so despite my mighty claims, I haven't blogged for months but it's not that I haven't had the desire, I just lost motivation to do anything in life. I have been the worst daughter, the worst girlfriend and an even worse friend. The thought of socialising scares me and I would rather be curled …

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When things need to change!

When I started this blog I had illusions of grandeur thinking that for once I would actually stick to something because I enjoy it. Sadly, that failed! The truth is, I started this blog when I was in a rut and at the time thought that this was something that would distract me from my …

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Some favourites!

  So, it has been a while since my last blog post and I thought what better way to start (again...) than with a favourites post. First on the list is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit. I fell in love with this instantly and despite it being a little pricey, it is BEAUTIFUL! Now, I …

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My Cleanser Collection

I have never been the most adventurous person in life and am a stickler for having silly little routines or 'rituals' as some may say. But, recently I have decided to throw myself in at the deep end a little more and try new things. One of the first shake ups was in the cleanser department. …

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